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These are turn and sanded wood bats ready to be finished by you. All of these bats are made from hand-split A grade billets with the option to upgrade to prime grade maple.

Quality Unfinished Wood Bats: The Canvas For Your Next Painting

Ever popped the hood of your ride to give it a custom boost? Opened up a computer to install a graphics card? Built furniture using mere lumber and nails?

There's an undeniable feeling of satisfcation that comes from taking something and making it your own. For all our artists and engineers out there, we've got the canvas you need to bring some extra individuality to the field, without the need for heavy-duty lathes or cutting equipment.

We've got your bases covered.

Wood species: ash, maple, birch, beech and even bamboo.

Types: adult, youth, baseball, softball, high density, fungo, trophy bats,