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This bat is a standard M110 with a medium barrel and a thicker handle for better bat control.

Price: $40.00

This bat is based on the traditional C243 shape with a thin handle and big barrel. This model has an Extras large barrel and a thinner handle with a large sweet spot. This model is very end heavy.

Price: $42.00
Birch Trophy Youth

These are Yellow Birch billets. These billets are perfect for making youth models with a -4 to -5 weight drop or trophy bats. They also make High Density Adult Bats. These billets will be 100oz+

Dimensions 37" x 2.78 to 2.80"

Price: $17.95
Maple Trophy Youth

These are A grade maple trophy/youth billets. They are on the heavy side, roughly 102+oz and great for making trophy/display bats or for youth models. They are also good for high density adult models. Dimensions are 37" x 2.78 to 2.80"

Price: $19.95

This is a standard 2.25" wood softball bat.

Price: $40.00
Trophy Bat

This is a 33" unfinished adult trophy bat similar to a 243 profile for an extra large barrel for personalization. This model is great for customizing on your own for display purposes. The weights will vary and these are not for use in games.

Price: $40.00

This is a standard Model 73. This model has a large knob, thin handle and big barrel with a large sweet spot. Due to the large size knob this model is surprisingly well balanced and quick to the ball.

Price: $42.00
R1 Fungo

This is a coaches fungo with standard knob.

Price: $40.00
Bamboo Bat

This is a premium, Pre-Cut, bamboo bat. The knob size will be 2" with a handle size of 15/16" and 2.5" barrel. Ready for your finish and logo.

Price: $40.00

This bat is a standard 141 with a medium barrel and a thinner handle.

Price: $40.00

This is a 2.25" small barrel unfinished wood baseball bat with a standard knob. The L10 is offered in maple, birch, ash, and cupping is available.

Price: $40.00

The 421 model has a standard knob, thin handle, and medium sized barrel and is a well-balanced contact hitters bats.

Price: $40.00
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