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Ash A Grade

These are Prime grade northern white ash billets with the dimensions of 37" x 2.78-2.8". "A grade" billets will be free of drying defects such as: knots, checks, cracks, splits, or honeycombing and will come with at least 20” of straight grain. Discoloration is not a defect.

These are hand-split billets suitable for pro bats and all other levels of play.

Ash B Grade

These are B grade northern white ash billets, also know as economy grade, and the dimensions are 37" x 2.78 to 2.80". These billets will have some straight grain and weights will vary.

Suitable for all lower levels of play and trophy bats.

Ash Trophy Youth
These are A grade youth/trophy northern white ash billets. These are great pieces of wood but they're too heavy to make regular adult bats because all billets are over 100oz. If turned into a little league model they will roughly make a -4 to -5 bat and trophy bats will look great as they're mostly straight grained. They are also great for high density adult models. Dimensions are 37" x 2.82-2.89"

Suitable for little league bats or trophy/display bats.