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wood billets

Hand-split hard maple/sugar maple billets. We have both A and B grade billets available and they can be used for major and minor league bat production.

Dimensions are 37" x 2.82-2.89" 6-9% M.C.

wood billets

Hand-split northern white ash billets. We offer various grades suitable for all levels of play whether you're looking for A, B, or youth/trophy blanks.

Dimensions are 37" x 2.82-2.89" 8-12% M.C.

wood billets

Hand-split yellow birch billets. Yellow birch is quickly becoming the new wood of choice for several bat companies. It has the flex of ash and strength of maple with a higher fiber content. We offer a variety of grades suitable for all levels of play.

Dimensions are 37" x 2.75"-2.82" 5-8% M.C.

The Highest Quality Wood Billets

For those looking to craft their own bats, but aren't interested in buying an entire skid of billets, it's Fine Hardwoods to the rescue.

We offer maple, ash, birch and beech billets to suit your bat-crafting needs, sold at wholesale low prices.

Thanks to those low prices, please note that we do not make any special bulk-sale offers, short of the aforementioned skids.