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Birch Pro Grade

These are prime grade Yellow Birch billets and the dimensions are 37" x 2.75-2.82". Birch is the new wood choice for several bat companies and has quickly became one of our best sellers. Birch has the flex of ash while having the strength of maple with a higher fiber content. A Grade billets will be free of drying defects such as: knots, checks, cracks, splits, or honeycombing and will come with at least 20” of straight grain. Discoloration is not a defect. These Birch are hand splits Canada

Suitable for pro bats and all levels of play

Birch Trophy Youth

These are Yellow Birch billets. These billets are perfect for making youth models with a -4 to -5 weight drop or trophy bats. They also make High Density Adult Bats. These billets will be 100oz+

Dimensions 37" x 2.78 to 2.80"