Fine Hardwoods

Maple Prime Grade

Price: $77.94

These Hard Maple / Sugar maple dowels are 37” x 2.78-2.80” and are dried between a 6-9% moisture content. Prime grade baseball bat blank Billet - will be free of visual drying defects such as: knots, checks, cracks, splits, or honeycombing and will come with at least 22” of straight grain. Discoloration is not a defect.

Weights will vary between 86oz to 96oz.

Shipping costs will be calculated at time of shipment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I specify the weights of my billets?
Sorry, we do not offer weighted billets. We pull the orders directly off of our skids. Weights on skids vary and we can't specify with the mills what weighted billets we receive so we just pull the orders from the top of respective skids.
Is there a discount if I purchase multiple billets?
As it stands, our billets are already marked down to wholesale, and we've got to keep the lights on, so, sadly, there are no price breaks on bulk orders. The only price break you can get is to buy in skids.
What quality of wood are your unfinished bats cut from and do you guarantee they will ink dot?
All of our unfinished wood bats are cut from A-Grade billets and come sanded, boned, and have full barrels with the option to upgrade to prime grade maple with an ink dot.
What about multiple bats?
Sorry, same story. We admire your persistence, though.
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